Why I Recommend Church Member’s Handbook By Joe T. Odle

“Over the years, it has been my privilege to use and recommend The Church Member’s Handbook by Bro. Joe T. Odle in several churches.  It is still the finest new member’s study I have found.  It is clear on our Baptist basics, accurate in its approach, concise rather than rambling, and relatively inexpensive.  In one interim situation where this was used for new member’s training, 21 people were baptized and another 21 added by letter in a 6-month period.  This was over 30 years ago, and of those 42 still living and in that town, almost all are still active in that church.  Most of those living elsewhere are also in a Baptist church.  Few of the group have “dropped out” of church or joined other denominations.  The Odle book was at least partly responsible for that good record.

Having known Dr. Odle, and enjoyed his preaching and teaching as well as his editorial work on the Mississippi Baptist Record, and having known his father-in-law L. R. Riley, it is a special pleasure to encourage the continued use of his work.  I plan to use it next year in the Poplar Grove Baptist Church where I am serving as pastor, Lord willing.”

By Bro. Charles Blair, Pastor of the Poplar Grove Baptist Church in Hickman, Kentucky. Director of Missions of the West Kentucky Baptist Association.

Church Member’s Handbook is currently published by Broadman & Holman and sells for $1.50 at LifeWay Christian stories.   First published in 1941, by 1981 over 2 million copies had been printed.  It is an excellent resource to give to new church members or to teach in a Sunday School or Wednesday night Bible class.