Bringing Your Spouse to the Truth

“Is your wife or husband, a member of some other than a Baptist church?  Would you like to have your companion in a Baptist church with you?  Well, you can secure your cherished object by kind treatment, good Baptist literature, a sweet spirited discussion of your points of issue, and a mutual reading of the Bible together.  Don’t make your companion miserable by nagging and quarreling, but win him, or her, by persuasion, kindness and truth.” J.N. Hall

(J.N. Hall {1849-1905} was a noted Southern Baptist pastor and editor at the turn of the twentieth century.   He edited such Baptist papers as The Baptist Gleaner, The Western Recorder, and The Baptist Flag.  He was elected the first moderator of the West Kentucky Baptist Association when it was formed in 1893 and served in that position until his death in 1905. The above quote is from the book “Elder J.N. Hall, The Peerless Defender of the Baptist Faith”, page 170.)