Recommended Reading from 1860

“Resolved, That we recommend to the patronage of the brethren belonging to this Association, the Western Recorder, published at Louisville, Ky., the Tennessee Baptist, Great and Little (Iron) Wheels,Theodosia Ernest, Orchard’s History of the Baptists, etc., published by J.R. Graves, Nashville, Tenn.”

(The above resolution appears in the 1860 minutes of the Mount Olivet Baptist Association of west Kentucky. In 1893 this association divided into the West Kentucky and Graves County Baptist Associations. Of particular interest is the books they were recommending to the brethren. Theodosia Ernest by A.C. Dayton tells the story how a Presbyterian girl becomes convinced of believers’ immersion, while in the Great Iron Wheel, J.R. Graves rebukes the Methodists for their hierarchical control of local churches. As a result of these books, multitudes of Presbyterians and Methodists in the south joined the Baptists.)