J.M. Pendleton’s Burden for Native Americans

“The following appeal from Bro. Buckner in behalf of Indian Missions is entitled to respectful consideration. It comes from a man of God – a man who has “hazarded his life for the name of the Lord Jesus.” The cause for which he pleads is a noble one. It is the cause of the red men of the West. The Indians have strong claims on American Christians and philanthropists. The millions of acres now covered with an abundant harvest, were once the indisputable possession of their fathers. They have been an injured people. Our government has sometimes dealt kindly with them, but oftener cruelly. The best way to repair the injuries we have done the aborigines of our country, is to send them the gospel with its rich and priceless blessings. Read and consider Bro. Buckner’s appeal – then ACT.” J.M. Pendleton

(J.M. Pendleton {1811-1891} pastored the First Baptist Churches of Bowling Green, Hopkinsville and Russellville, Kentucky. While he is better known for his doctrinal writings, this quote shows his burden for the gospel to reach Native Americans. It is from the Tennessee Baptist newspaper, August 18, 1855.  H.F. Buckner’s appeal can be read online at: http://www.baptisthistoryhomepage.com/indian.mission.report.T.B.1855.html )