Quotes from the 2015 West KY Evangelism Conference

The 2015 West Kentucky Evangelism Conference was held on March 2, 2015 at the Southside Baptist Church in Princeton, Kentucky. Below are just a few memorable quotes from the eight powerful sermons.

“The national anthem in hell is I did it my way.” Fred Luter

“No one knows who wins the Super Bowl, but I can assure you who will win the battle for your soul.” Fred Luter

“We have a lot of bedside Baptists. Those are the Baptists who stay in bed on Sundays with Pastor Sealy Posturepedic.” Fred Luter

“If sin really does destroy lives, the worst thing we can do is leave people in it.” Hershael York 

“God is never glorified by our sin, but by His grace that overcomes our sin.” Hershael York

“I’m not sure if we were ever moral, but we are definitely not the majority any more.” Hershael York

“The reason we believe the book of Jonah is real is because Jesus believed the book of Jonah was real.” Curtis Woods

“If love lifted you, it’s not enough to sing it, it must become the song of our lives.” Curtis Woods

“Slow obey is no obey.” Curtis Woods

“You need to get so saved, you can swing across hell on a rotten cornstalk and spit in the devil’s eye while singing Amazing Grace.”  Jerry Spencer

“If the Bible is God-breathed, when you read it, you are reading the mind of God.” Jerry Spencer

“God’s in charge of global cooling, global warming, and one day He will set the whole thing on fire.” Jerry Spencer