Baptist Heritage Sunday

“I want to make a suggestion to every pastor present.  I believe it would be helpful in all of our churches if one Sunday a year we declared Baptist Heritage Sunday and we took the time to share with our people some of our distinctives and some of our history.  Many times we have converts who come to us from Presbyterian, Methodist, or Episcopalian backgrounds and they have no idea.  Oh they realize we preach the gospel and they know we hold to immersion.   But that is all they understand concerning our Baptist heritage.   How important that we teach them. 
So I would suggest one Sunday a year you zero in Baptist history and you prepare and teach your people.  I think it well on that Sunday to ask all the Sunday School classes from Jr. High and up to join in the auditorium and you teach them for that hour.  Then preach on the subject in the morning service and preach again on the subject in the evening.  And you’ll find it strengthening the cause of Jesus Christ in your ministry.”  David Cummins

(David Cummins is a noted Baptist historian and the author of This Day in Baptist History, volume I, II, and III.   The above quote is from a Baptist History Conference he preached in West Chester, PA.  You can listen to these message or download them to your computer )


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