James Boyce on Alien Immersion

“As to those of us who oppose the reception of alien immersions, we certainly ought to be satisfied when the number of professors of our views in the Seminary is greater in proportion to the ones understood to hold a contrary opinion” James P. Boyce

(James P. Boyce {1827-1888} was one of the founders of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, now in Louisville, KY, where he served as president from 1859 until his death in 1888. He was also president of the Southern Baptist Convention in 1872-1873 and 1888. Boyce was strongly opposed to receiving alien {non-Baptist} immersions and was glad that a majority of the professors at Southern Seminary agreed with this view. The above quote is from T.A. Patterson’s 1944 dissertation “The Theology of JR Graves and Its Influence on Southern Baptist Life”, page 204.)