Elder S.G. Shepard, Dr. W.O. Carver’s father-in-law

“Bro. J.H. Grime was followed by Elder S.G. Shepard, the old man fiery and eloquent.  Colonel Shepard, as he is called, is said to have professed religion behind the famous rock fence in the battle of Gettysburg at the junction of the battle when the tide turned in favor of the Union army.  Bro. Shepard’s address was full of interest. One statement that he gave with emphasis was that, in spite of all that had been said and written to the contrary, he believed there was an unbroken continuity of regular Baptist Churches through the ages back to the apostles. Bro. Shepard was twice the pastor of Mt. Olivet Church. He is the father-in-law of Prof. W.O. Carver of Louisville, Ky.”    – John T. Oakley

(Dr. William Owen Carver {1868-1954} was a long time professor of missions at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky.  He was also one of the first professors to support liberalism in the seminary.  It is interesting to note that his father-in-law was such a staunch Baptist pastor in Tennessee.  The quote is from the Baptist and Reflector newspaper, May 9, 1901.   Oakley was describing the 100 year anniversary service of the Mt. Olivet Baptist Church of Leeville, Tennessee.  Both Oakley and Grime were leading pastors, debtors, and authors among the Baptists of Middle and West Tennessee.)